Posted by: itneverrainsinseattle | February 15, 2010

An Open Letter to the Universe

Dear Universe:

Thank you for my continued good health, and the good health of my children, their mother, my parents and sister, and all of my other family members and friends. I know that I am truly blessed to continue to enjoy so many good people who remain in my life.

Thank you for my beloved children, and for the fact that they are happy, healthy, intelligent, and well adjusted. Please help me to be a better father — the best father I can be to them. And help them to adjust as well as possible to the many curve balls that their lives will experience throughout the years.

Thank you for the abundance in my life: my many friends and so many ways to share my life with them; our material and physical comfort; and the many resources at my disposal — my talents and abilities, my experience and my trusted advisors.

Thank you for all the good that my wife has brought into my life. And even as I release her back to your care, I hope you will continue to look after her, and help her to find happiness and comfort.

I am ready for the next phase of my life, and I welcome it gladly. I embrace new opportunities to put my talents and resources to their best use. I am ready to speak and write and sing and think and create and move and lead and follow and model and play and forge a new path.

Help me to give well. Help me to receive well. Help me to align my talents and my desires to become more effective at making a better life for myself and for others. Many, many others.

And finally, thank you for the love already in my life, and help me to continue to find love in my life — including romantic love. Again, help me to give love well, and to likewise receive it well.

I don’t know how much longer I have here on this Earth. Help me to make the most of my remaining time.





  1. Love it. Sounds awesome. I forsee many, many good things on the horizon for you. Keep this letter close to your heart.


  2. It is only when we recognize what we have, that more of the same can (and will) come our way (which is why it is so important to focus on the positive…)

    Well done!

  3. Sounds like somebody’s feeling a little bit sentimental 🙂

    I think people should thank “the universe” more often. We often let the negatives cloud over the positives in life.

    I sometimes forget that outlook is important- choose to be happy, and you will be happy.

  4. Amen!

  5. Awesome. I love this!

  6. Beautiful post. It is always good to have an attitude of gratitude, isn’t it?

  7. I’m with IntrigueMe- great letter!

  8. Nice letter. I like the part about releasing Penny back into the care of the Universe. Well written.

    We’ll talk soon…

  9. Beautiful!! can I borrow that letter?! 😉

  10. I talk to the Universe all the time. For example, when I left work at 11 pm today, I told the Universe, “okay I’m really going home now”.

  11. This is so awesome. I think we could all reuse this letter and just modify it for our own lives. Its a really great way to focus on the positive and put things into perspective. Thank you! 🙂

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