Posted by: itneverrainsinseattle | June 7, 2011

Shedding some pounds…

When moving out of the marital home, I brought over a lot of boxes of stuff. A. Lot.

There was no time to sort through most of it, but there was a lot of, “Do I really need to move all this shit? I haven’t opened it since the last move. Hmmm.”

I know that the house I live in now is not going to be the last place I ever live (sudden death notwithstanding), so there *will* be another move. So, rather than wait and end up going through a similar exercise next time (what to keep? What to ditch? Ah, rats, there’s no time, I guess I’ll just have to move it all!), I’ve decided to start going through *everything* and making the hard decisions of what to keep and what to toss.

Yes, I commented on all of this earlier in a post on The Weight of Stuff. Here’s where things stand now:

I have committed to myself that starting this past weekend, I’m going to go through my stuff every week for the rest of the year and dispose of at least one box. Every week. For the rest of this year. “Dispose of” means one of three things: donate, sell, or trash/recycle it. Of course, I also expect to unpack and *use* a lot of stuff, but I still need to shed myself of a considerable amount of the baggage I’ve been carrying around.

This past weekend, I started (but didn’t finish!) on a box of clothing. Tonight, I sorted through two boxes, producing one box-worth of clothes that I can part with easily. There’s a charity pick-up tomorrow, so the box is already labeled and waiting at the curb.

By the way, I don’t even know if I have thirty boxes-worth of stuff to get rid of. We’ll see. In the meantime, and for the foreseeable future, I’ll be releasing back to the universe some things that I really don’t need to keep lugging around. The box of clothes that I put at the curb for pick-up isn’t much, and it’s not like I feel this huge metaphorical weight lifting from my shoulders. But… it is one less box of clothes I’ll have to carry around. Or store. Or trip over. Or pay to have moved or stored or tripped over. Heh. Hopefully someone else who needs or has use for those shirts will benefit from them. If so, then even better.

I’m making room in my life for the new me. It’s only one box so far, but it’s a start.




  1. So, you’re cleaning out your closet, huh? Good start. I have to tell you, I’ve discovered I’m a lot less sentimental than I thought I was. When it comes to moving my practical side kicks in. You’ve totally got this.

    Proud of you. I know it’s hard.

    Big hugs.

  2. That’s a great metaphor too, isn’t it? You are shedding those pounds of the past and moving forward. I love it. And I too love to shed crap when I move as well. It’s like a mini refresh every time (or I keep telling myself as I gear up for my third move in as many years!) 😉

  3. Hey, inris, I have the same goal after my move! And I need a partner in encouragement, because so far, I suck at it…

  4. I hope the tie-dye was in that box.

  5. that process felt SO. DAMN. GOOD. i loved cleaning all the weight out of my life. it was the best psychic recovery i could’ve imagined at the time.

  6. Excellent goal. You’ll feel so much lighter emotionally once you physically get rid of all of that stuff. It’s weird how that works.

  7. I need to do this too. I’ve been back at my parents for a full year now… And there are a LOT of boxes I haven’t even opened up. I clearly don’t need it if I’ve gone this long!

  8. I did something similar to this when I was a teenager morphing into an adult … about seventeen-eighteenish. I was a terrible horder. I kept everything. I had notes and pictures of boyfriends from years before. I had a thing for burning things, so that’s what happened to a majority of it. Up in flames. Made me feel a helluva lot better.

    Now I’m twenty-three and all of my stuff isn’t in boxes, which I kind of wish it was now… because I have to go through all of my closets, where all of my things that I swore I’d get to eventually and eventually use – is stock piling…

    Hope you are able to do it without too much stress… sometimes I find a struggle in trying to decide what to chuck and what to keep. It’s progress. Progress is good. 🙂

  9. Hi there – I know … I haven’t visited in a while, I’ve been busy with life.

    Congrats on the goal – it’s a good goal. I went through the same myself. Just make sure you don’t start replacing the old stuff with new stuff. For whatever you bring into the house, you have to take the same quantity/size out! No excuses.

    PS – You’re right divorce is a process and the legal part is just a that, a part of the whole.

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