Posted by: itneverrainsinseattle | October 6, 2010

Status Report…

Every week at my primary day job, I put together a status report for my team. Well, given that it’s been a couple weeks since I last posted here, allow me to present my status report for Team Inris, Week Ending October 8th, 2010:

Health: overdid it in physical therapy last Wednesday, but as of this past Monday, my knee has been feeling much better. Able to walk up and down stairs with much less pain than previously. Still a long way to go before I feel comfortable with the notion of jogging or running, but I’m getting there. Saw knee doctor this week; he says everything seems to be healing on pace.

Work: I remain over-employed at the moment, which is every bit as stressful as being underemployed…although, it at least pays better. So far this work week, I’ve logged 38 hours. I have two full days left in the work week. Overtime is paid at time and a half. Then, there’s my “second” gig for my former employers. A few hours on that so far this week, as well. Which pays at the same rate as my first gig’s overtime. Working this hard has kept me too busy to wallow much. But it has also kept me from… life. I put in a 16 hour shift on Sunday. Left before the kids got up. Got back after the kids were in bed. Bleh. All that said, the influx of cash will help to salve the divorce somewhat, even if it won’t enable me to keep the house.

Oh, and they (my day job, which is a temporary position) have extended my contract to the end of June.

Finances: like each of the above items, this could be a full post unto itself. Cash flow is healthy right now, but bank has officially put us into foreclosure. If I don’t manage to pay off our arrears within the next two weeks, they have the option of moving foreward on auctioning the house. I don’t have the full amount to pay it off, but I might be able to borrow it through back channels. The question is: will the bank that holds the HELOC insist on coming after me for the full amount owed if we lose the house? Penny will likely declare bankruptcy to get out from that debt, but I’m currently making too much money to qualify, and hope to continue making that amount of income for a little while yet. If I remain on the hook for the HELOC, better in the long run to try to keep the house. If not… better to allow foreclosure. But my proverbial crystal ball is mute on this subject. Grrr….

Divorce: Penny is finally showing willingness to move forward on getting the paperwork done and writing down a separation agreement. Now, I just need to find the time to whip my notes into shape and present them to her as a starting point.

Sleep: Hahahahahahaa.

Children: Still amazing. Still wonderful. Going through some trying phases, to be sure, but they remain wonderful. The oldest (8 years old) is doing well in his new (public) school, although the PTSA uses pressure tactics that would make a cult blush.

Mental Health: In general, too busy to fret much. As Jesse Ventura said in the movie Predator: “Ain’t got time to bleed.” Still, I was asked recently if I would reprise my role as Santa for the community center’s annual winter event. I have tentatively answered yes, but I find the whole idea bittersweet, especially with the very real possibility that I won’t be living in this house by the time the event takes place. For about a day after I learned of the request, I was one sad Santa. As for now… back to just the general fatigue of overwork.

I expect major progress on the separation this coming week.

And that’s how I’m doing. How about you?



  1. I’m well, thanks for asking 🙂

    Might I suggest a bubble bath and a glass of something strong to relax you? I know you don’t drink, but after all this… It’s about time ya started. 😉

  2. Tons of stuff happening. Not ready for it to be blogged about. Wanna Skype?

  3. Silly, Nicki. You just wrote about lacking time. Well, if you are interested, drop me an email and I’ll share!

  4. It sounds like things are going relatively well. I really hope that you can find some way to salvage the house. It seems like that would mean a lot to you to be able to keep it. And I had to smile that you are playing Santa again. I know it wasn’t the best last year but as they say”it is for the kids” and I don’t think you will regret it.

  5. In regards to your foreclosure question, in a nutshell, yes the HELOC could come after you for a deficiency balance, the other question is will they? That will depend on the remaining balance. Foreclosures are very expensive for banks and it is a cost vs. return situation for most of them. In many cases it is simply better to write off the remaining balance instead of seeking additional compensation. I know this because I’ve been in banking for far too long.

  6. I’m good, thanks for asking.

    And thanks for the status report. I hope you’ve got all your TPS reports in order. You did get the memo, right?

    The financial stuff sounds messy. Good luck with the separation proceedings. I look forward to reading more status reports.

  7. whew. sounds crazy. things here are good, on average…

    relationship (old): ugh. i’m about to have to argue with the ex about money. this. is. going. to. SUCK.

    relationship (new): HEAVEN. absolute heaven. the man continues to amaze me in every way.

    school: BUSY. exam in 10 days.

    professional: tons of applications in the works. i get the bar exam results in 2 weeks. fingers crossed…

  8. There is a very real possibility that your lender will not foreclose quickly. This has to do with several court cases in which lenders could not clearly demonstrate an ownership interest in delinquent properties. You just might be able to work out a way to make up the back payments in the interim. check with your lender to see if there is a chance for this to happen.

    As for them coming after you later for the shortage, this is no time to worry about that. By the time they can get that suit together, you may not have any income at all. What are they going to do then? We don’t have debtor’s prisons (yet!), and no income means no outgo. Despite all of the happy talk regarding the economy lately, I don’t buy a word of it.

    Short summary: see if you can work a deal with your lender and trash the rest of it! You have too much of real concern to waste time on those items!!!

  9. It’s a lot to juggle! I agree with ToppHogg – I’ve been hearing the last couple of days about how banks are holding off on foreclosure so may be you’ll get some breathing space. I hope so.

    As for me, I’m going through a rough spot – no harmony in any area – teenage daughter issues, blog issues, work issues … feeling pretty fragile 😦

  10. Friend! Though things are still topsy turvey for you…hope you realize (and know) that you are in much better position now, leading into the holidays than last year, when things were really hitting the fan…right? There’s always a bright spot, you will always find it, and you’ll get there. I know it. You know where I stand on the whole house thing, from personal experience, but I also know how much vested interest in the house…so for you, it might just well be worth the fight, especially as banks are taking forever and a day to foreclose. As for me? I’m well, damn good. Let’s catch up friend! Skype date this week?!

  11. I think you’ll get a break from the bank.That’s what I’m hoping. Glad you have so much work. Sorry it is so stressful. Hang in and Hang on.

  12. i agree with topphogg too. so, hopefully you can keep the house! good luck, and take an hour to breathe, it helps.

    the mantra keep calm and carry on has saved me from crumbling in the 8 months of battling infidelity, breast cancer, and being pregnant. yup…my life is an oprah episode, that is how i am doing.

    but in the immortal words of a great friend of mine:
    “everything is going to be just fffinnnneeee!”

    best to you.

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