Posted by: itneverrainsinseattle | June 24, 2010

Steps Forward, Steps Back

On the plus side of the ledger:

* Managed to drive today. I was a bit trepidatious at first, but soon got into the flow of things. I can drive! Whee!

* Picked up a Handicapable placard to hang on my review mirror, so now I can get the good parking spots at Costco. Well, for the next couple months, anyway.

* For the most part, still using a crutch to walk, but that’s one instead of two, and I am starting to get the strength back up in the bum leg. I expect to go for longer stretches tomorrow where I’m not using the crutch at all.

* Child #2 and I had a great afternoon together. I wanted to get work done, and I didn’t (largely because I had to babysit), but he was cooperative while I ran errands, so we stopped at Costco (in a crummy parking spot… who know it was Handicapped’s Day today at Costco?) and enjoyed a nice father/son pizza and ice cream and just… had a nice relaxing afternoon of it. He was very sweet at the end, when I dropped him off with Penny to get back home to do some work.

On the negative side of the ledger:

* Penny is rushing this getting-the-house-to-market thing, and quite frankly, it’s going too fast for my tastes. There’s no way I’ll have what I need to have packed and ready to go into storage to “declutter” the house in time.

* Which reminds me that I am still in a position to resume payments on the house and the bank would almost certainly be willing to negotiate with me on the payments in arrears.

* And I don’t really want to sell the house, anyway.

* Even though it makes more sense to sell it than to try to keep it.

* Oh, and more to the point, I stopped off at an apartment complex today, and they are at least three months out before they’ll have anything available that would hold one adult and three kids. So, this poses a problem for both Penny and me, but she doesn’t know it yet.

* It’s the divorce I want, not getting rid of the house. I don’t mind losing the house, I suppose, but it’s the divorce that I want. Need.

* I need to make phone calls now to see if there’s anywhere else “nearby-ish” that has anything available sooner. If there’s nowhere to move to… what if I tried to rehabilitate with the lender while Penny and I work out a deal on when *she* moves out?


Oh, and I need to get back to “the day job”, but find I’m already overbooked for tomorrow (Friday) with crap related to getting the house up for sale. Need that money to keep coming in if I’m to make forward progress on the ol’ chip away at the debt situation (regardless of what we are doing with the house.)

I am not a fan of the house-selling process. Can you tell?



  1. Yeah, the house selling stuff sucks…like whoa. Not gonna gloss that over, not that you didn’t already know that 😉 But, you’ll get through it, like a pro, cuz that’s whatcha do, right? Glad you got to drive today, that’s a start!

  2. Like whoa (that was for Jo also) I’m stressed for you. But glad you are moving around!

    • like WHOA…oft underused. But fabulously appropriate in so many ways…

  3. Oh honey… I’ve caught up on the last few posts… and you have SO MUCH going on!!!

    I’ve heard that there is a top 10 list of stress-inducers and near the top are divorce, moving, finding another job…

    So wow!! You poor thing!

    I’m sending you strength and healing vibes and calm serenity. Take some time to catch your breath, ok?

  4. Selling a house is rarely a fun adventure and in your situation it sounds like not something that you want however have to do because of the situation. All will work out, trust in your instincts and flow with your heart.

  5. What if…you try and look at all of this as a new adventure? You are well on your way, MR. Handicapable. Things have a wonderful way of working out, although not always as we like or expect.

    Thinking of you always. And sending warm hugs your way.

  6. About all I can add is that I agree with your thought about attempting to keep the house. I can’t attest to housing sales in your area, but in SoCal where I live, sales happen but are very slow, and the seller takes a bath. Ergo, you have nothing to lose by trying.

    Just have an idea about what you can do should the sheriff arrive and toss you out.

    Sorry to end on a downer note. I just tend to think in worst-case mode when problem solving. It’s the engineer in me!

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