Posted by: itneverrainsinseattle | March 19, 2010

The Accelerator’s Stuck

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine and I were talking on the phone, and he said, “Big things are just around the corner for you.” I wrote it down and hung it up above my desk.

As I’ve noted in a prior post, this sentiment has been repeated to me by others in different venues and in different contexts.

Last week, that same friend of mine called and said that his employer needed to bring on someone to do some database work — work that is right up my alley. He said not to get my hopes up, but would I be interested, if he could persuade them to take a look at me. I’m available, I said, and sent him my resume.

The next day, he said told me to get set up with one of the contractor agencies in town. I did.

The day after that, I had an offer for a contract. The contract ends at the end of June. He said that the contract would probably not be renewed. Don’t get my hopes up. Etc.

Yeah, well…

They wanted me to start as soon as possible. Which turns out to be… today. Friday. I still haven’t gone to bed yet (as of this writing) because I have so many other things that have to be done. Oh, insomnia, where are you when I need you?!

I faxed out another 41 pages of documentation to our mortgage company tonight/this morning. I did some database work for a client for whom I do freelance work. I set up some jobs for our business — the business that is failing, and yet we took in a fantastic number of big dollar orders this week.

I have too much to do and not enough time to do it. I dare not piss off my database freelance clients… at least, not until I’ve gotten rolling on this contract gig. Oh, and about that contract gig… now I’m being told that if I do an okay job, there’s a good chance that the contract actually could be extended. My friend told me he’d been brought in for a three week gig. He’s been there now for twelve years.

So. A little more database work tonight, then a few hours of sleep, then a bright attitude and focus like a laser beam during the work day. Perhaps, as with some of my bloggy friends here, things are about to start turning my way. Perhaps… big things are just around the corner.

It never rains in Seattle, but sometimes it sure does pour.



  1. I’m glad it’s pouring in this case!! This is awesome…and I have no doubt you’ll wow them with your work and they’ll extend the contract, and even if they don’t, it’s a stopgap short term, and you can continue being on the hunt in the interim. Now, go get some sleep, mmk?! 🙂

  2. I’m so happy for you!! I ditto what Jolene says though, GET SOME SLEEP!!

    Your stress levels sound about the same as mine lately. I’m trying to remember that good things come when you work hard! I’m sure if you can find a way to juggle the freelance stuff with this new job for just a little while, it will pay off ten-fold in the end. You cannnn doooo iiiiit!!!

  3. You are getting there. I think for so much of us it just seems like such a slow up hill battle but we are going to be so thankful for it in the end. Yay for you!!!

  4. Good for you! You deserve sunshine in all aspects of your life. 🙂

  5. Inris, things are looking up! Should I go back to Bflo for my 20th high school reunion this June?

  6. Things are never as good as they seem OR as bad as they seem. Which is why we need to view life as an adventure, and not as a win/lose proposition. (Easy to see from afar, and yet easy NOT to see when we’re in it, I know!)

  7. Right on! So excited for you!

  8. I’m hoping that this isn’t temporary, but there is a large increase in the numbers of semis attempting to murder me on the Southern California freeways as I try to get to work in one piece. this is a fairly obvious indication that economic something is improving, The only question is how long it will last, or if that looming commercial real estate crash will also take us all down with it.

    Don’t worry about blogging or the project as long as you have income prospects. That has to come first unless your name suddenly became Gates or Buffett. We’ll all still be here when you get back to us.

  9. Y’know, it occurred to me that you appear (since I don’t really know the particulars) to be doing the lion’s share of work for your “business.” Yet, isn’t part of the grand plan to sell off the business (including Penny to some extent)? If you’re still thinking that the business needs to be salient enough to be taken over, and if Penny is to be part of the acquisition, then shouldn’t Penny be doing some of this work? Is she? If not, can she?

    I suspect you’re avoiding my grand dictation that you get a babysitter to help facilitate some of these action items for both you and Penny.

    Suffice to say, congratulations on your windfall. I hope that this is, indeed, the start of something wonderfully amazing.

  10. Okay…I have to pop back in and say that I have a friend who is (was) in your almost exact situation. I heard from him today….He met a great woman last month and suddenly, he is all moved out, had filed, and is working. He needed inspiration to make it all happen (his words).

    Wow. He was in crisis mode for a year, and now, in less than a month he has the life he’s always wanted. Made me think…

  11. Can’t wait to hear how things progress. SO very proud of you! Take a leap. The net will appear.

  12. “Raindrops keep falling on my head…”

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