Posted by: itneverrainsinseattle | January 28, 2010

A Poem: The Sanctity of Marriage

Here’s a little poem that I wrote a few years ago — about two years into our marriage, in fact. I created the video and added a few lines earlier last year… but, of course, didn’t dare show my work to my wife or our mutual friends.

The poem didn’t have a title until I made the video, but I think “The Sanctity of Marriage” suits it:



  1. Wow. You are so talented! I love it. Now I wanna make one! Hmmm.

    Thank you, as always, for enriching my life.

  2. very cool… text to video. huh. who knew??
    as for the words themselves.. ?
    sounds about right.

    I laughed at the, “I need some time alone!… You don’t spend enough time with me!” part. LOL

  3. Ouch and sigh. If this was 2 years in, how did you manage to hold out longer? If it weren’t so sad, it’d be a brilliant Monty Python sketch (Neil/Stand Up).

  4. I’m totally annoyed that I can’t see videos at work. I’m going to have to save this one so I can watch it when I get my new MacBook.

    Thanks for all the great info, btw!!

  5. Yeah…although the topic was different, I know how it feels to look back at “2 years in” and realize I fought the same damn battle over and over again. You are smart to end it now and realize you deserve better.

  6. THAT was AWESOME. You rock.

  7. Wow…. that was… sad… funny… true… frustrating… entertaining… so simple and to-the-point. Do you think you could sell it to a family law firm? It could be a commercial!

  8. that was REALLY REALLY cool. it feels all emo…kind of reminds me of that ‘hacky sack’ part of the SHe’s All That movie (hey i was a teenager, don’t make fun!)

    im also stopping by to say i expect some really good questions from you–in the form of a memo of course–for blog boy, so hop on over to my blog! thanks!

  9. If Penny sounds like that when she talks, then I can see why your sex life is unsatisfying! Even a woman who wants it bad would turn me off if her voice sounded like Stephen Hawking: “Please… touch me… here….” 🙂

    But anyway, good poem! It’s telling that you wrote that so soon into your marriage. It’s not so much the lack of sex that I see as the problem, but the fact that you’ve been focusing on it for so long.

  10. Isn’t it awful to look back and realize that you knew it then, and yet you let it slide? Like, oh, it’s not important, it’s no big deal, I just need to vent a little, but it’s fine, really. And then later, you look back, and you think – wow, I knew then, but I didn’t do anything about it.

    If that was two years in…wow.

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