Posted by: itneverrainsinseattle | December 12, 2009

Off-Color Imponderables

[Well, after that very long post from yesterday, how about a short one?]

Can a man be said to be “pussy whipped” when, in fact, he is not getting any?



  1. Yes, but not for the reasons you think or imagine and it has nothing to do with women and their genitalia.

    Men that find themselves in this situation have learned the behavior, or place themselves there voluntarily.

    I think you need not worry anymore about such labels…what matters is that you are finally standing up for yourself.

    This should always be the case. It is healthy.

    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Sounds like my pondering from the early days of dating post-split…

    If there is pre-marital sex, can there be post-marital sex? And what does one call the sex had with a new partner while still, technically, married, but separated?

  3. Sex is called sex. No need to analyze that one.

    Pussy-whipped generally refers to a man who does whatever his woman wants. It has nothing to do with sex.
    This also involves a woman who doesn’t know (or care)much about men, and will emasculate her man on a whim.
    Not a good situation for either party. However, either party can put a stop to it any time he/she chooses…

  4. I disagree with everyone else (surprise, surprise!). Absolutely, the man who is pussy-whipped while not getting sex with the one doing the whipping is the ultimate whipped little pussy cat.

    Be a lion, my friend. Make her tremble when she hears you roar.

  5. All I can do is laugh at this one….That’s all I got:)

  6. Sadly, yes. Since the allure is there, the hope, the wish, the what-the-hell-did-that-gesture-mean aspect, all controlled by one’s desire to please and be pleased.

    I would venture to say that all pussy-whipped men are denied pussy. It’s probably the first rule. It strengthens the sadomasochistic bond between the two parties.

    Remember, infrequent rewards train dogs better than frequent ones. Unfortunately, my friend, you are a well-trained dog.

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